Brad Pitt Weight

Brad Pitt Weight:  On any given day, this 5’11″ “sexiest man alive” typically weighs in on the scale around 170-175 pounds.  This Brad Pitt weight is reflective of his everyday physique and not reflective of his various roles and on-screen appearances.  As such, if you’re looking for a specific role like a Brad Pitt Troy weight, we need to dig a little deeper.

Troy has kinda trumped Fight Club in popularity for the physique that Pitt sports.  Regardless, the Brad Pitt weight for Fight Club was around 150-155 (his lowest weight ever) pounds and he put on around 15 pounds of muscle for Troy (you can see in this picture the difference especially in his legs).  Although his exact weight is unknown, given his build in Troy and the fact that he was at his heaviest in that role, I’d say he was weighing around 180 for Troy with a very low body fat percentage.

The trouble with googling things like “Brad Pitt height and weight” and “Brad Pitt’s weight” is that it does nothing to steer you in the right direction if you’re trying to mimic his results.  You’re very likely taller or shorter, with a different size body frame and a different level of body fat percentage.  So, even if you got to 180, you’re still not going to look like Brad Pitt did in Troy, unless you nail these other measurements.

So, let’s look at the raw numbers.  For Fight Club, Pitt had a recorded body fat percentage of 5-6%.  Keep in mind, he did not maintain this after filming and you will likely not maintain it for long.  It’s a phenomenal goal for a special event but expect to land around 8-10% for sustainability after the event.  After Fight Club, he cut back on his cardio and loosened the diet strings a bit and landed around 8% body fat for Snatch.  Maintaining that 8%, Pitt was given the daunting task of adding about 15 pounds of muscle of Troy.  To do so, he ate a high protein/low carb diet while maintaining a rigorous heavy lifting workout routine.  So, although the Brad Pitt weight for Troy was about 180, he was at 8% body fat and his heaviest ever…all of which you’d want to shoot for to get his physique.  

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